Allene Lewis

Allene Lewis

Entrepreneur-in-residence Allene Lewis (32) is a self-taught, Google-certified, web developer proficient in React, NodeJs, Express, MongoDB, JavaScript, PHP, mySQL, devOps, Cloud Computing, Docker, Kubernetes, Python, Linux, TypeScripts, Solidity, Native, Java, Swift, C#, C++, OOP, MVC, Firebase, Secret Key Cryptography, Public Key Cryptography, Hash Functions and Bootstrap.

She is the founder and chief executive officer of Crypto Cash Fast, a conversion platform that offers over 277 options to spend your Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD Coin just like cash.

She is the founder and former chief executive officer of The Internet Tycoon, an online marketplace for web-based businesses; and Our Tech Friend, a networking platform for web developers, online marketers and graphic designers. She is the co-founder and has previously served as chief technology officer of G20 Intel, your daily scan of the new global economy from a market-liberal, internationalist perspective.

She has previously served as director of social media for online retailers Auqeo and Ballr Bidz; as a video game developer for Stigma Games; and as a web developer and technology consultant for numerous other projects including Geeky Gadgets, an online retailer of unique electronic products; United Product Services and Cannabis Career Institute.