Non-Disclosure Agreements

Please note that, in accordance with the generally accepted practices of the venture capital industry, Venture-Net Partners neither reviews nor executes Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

All materials received by Venture-Net Partners are handled in a confidential and professional manner. In the event that a decision is made not to move forward, all materials previously received are promptly destroyed.

If you are in doubt concerning the disclosure of sensitive information, we recommend that you redact all such items from your business plan and supporting documents and defer the disclosure of such material until later stages of discussion.

For more on NDAs in general, please link to the following.

From Why Angels and VC’s Don’t Sign NDA’s (Slaam 22 February 2013):

“Fact is most angels and VC’s don’t sign NDAs and there are several very practical reasons as to why not.”

From Will Investors Steal My Ideas? (Fox Business 24 November 2011):

“Venture capital funds just don’t have the time to negotiate [non-disclosure] agreements with every entrepreneur who seeks venture funding.”

From How Working On Wall Street Screwed Yipit When They Tried To Launch A Start-Up by Courtney Comstock (Business Insider 11 May 2010):

“In the start-up world you can’t go around asking people to sign NDAs. It makes it look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

From Perfect Your Pitch by Brad Feld (Entrepreneur 18 December 2008):

“[NDAs are] a stupid idea perpetuated by lawyers. Most venture capitalists will not sign an NDA, so all you’re doing is putting up a barrier to get their attention and demonstrating your naivety.”

From Why VCs Won’t Sign Your NDA (Readwrite 10 May 2010):

“Potential investors are not your competition. Asking them to sign an NDA is often interpreted as a sign you don’t trust them.”

From Why a VC Will Take a Lighter to Your NDA (Start-Up Lawyer 17 October 2007):

“Asking a VC to sign a NDA is tantamount to splitting 10s at the blackjack table. You just don’t do it. In the least, it will show that you do not understand the mechanics of how VCs operate. At worst, the VC will burn your NDA and dump your submission in the trash.”

From VCs and Non-Disclosure Agreements (Ask the VC 16 January 2007):

“VCs don’t sign NDAs. It’s not that we are trying to pull a fast one or do anything nefarious. Rather in today’s over-litigious world, it is a necessary protection.”

From Why Most VCs Don’t Sign NDAs by Brad Feld (FeldThoughts 14 February 2006):

“In 20 years of high tech (as an entrepreneur, angel investor, and VC), I’ve never been involved in a situation where an NDA is enforced except in an M&A context. It’s simply a waste of paper and time for anything but M&A.”

From The Venture Capital Wishlist by Guy Kawasaki (16 January 2006):

“Never ask a venture capitalist to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). They never do. If you even ask them to sign one, you might as well tattoo ‘I’m clueless’ on your forehead.”

From Scott Allen’s Entrepreneurs Blog ( 8 August 2005):

“As an entrepreneur, be prepared that you probably won’t get prospective investors to sign NDAs. In fact, you’ll look amateurish to them for even asking, so don’t.”

From Cult of the Non-Disclosure Agreement by Anthony Cerminaro (San Francisco Chronicle 5 August 2005):

“In our culture, we’ve elevated the creative new idea to be the core factor in determining whether a startup succeeds or fails. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.”

From Full Disclosure by Alex Gove (Red Herring 10 August 1999):

“The overwhelming majority of venture capitalists will not sign NDAs. In fact, Promod Haque of Norwest Venture Partners says that entrepreneurs who push NDAs on VCs look ‘amateurish’.”