Winning habits create winners.

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.” — Benjamin Franklin

In Mission to Millionaireship the goal is to cut to the chase and give you the theoretical as well as practical information you need in order to make changes and progress right now. Specific actions are recommended from which you will receive enormous immediate benefits. The real mother lode, however, comes when you have repeated these actions consistently, over and over until they become a habit. Then, they will have become part of you. You will have changed. And when you change, you create the possibility for your results to change.

You have what you have today because of what you have done; and you have done what you have done because of who you are; and who you are is a product of what you habitually think, believe and do. Your habits have made you what you are. Change your habits and you will change – and so will your results. Winning habits create winners. Through their habits and routines, millionaires practice millionaireship – until they get it right.

Resolve then to get into the habit of presenting yourself in both manner and appearance, at all times and in all places, like a millionaire. Get into the habit of being open to change, especially on a personal improvement level. Get into the habit of recognizing the present as your point of power. Get into the habit of approaching every transaction as an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and integrity. Get into the habit of walking on a daily basis. Get into the habit of being open to different opinions while making your own decisions and of being wary and skeptical of the crowd. Get into the habit of showing appreciation to others for any job well done. Get into the habit of sharing credit with others. Get into the habit of associating only with persons of quality and good character and of disassociating with persons of poor character and/or little or nothing to offer. Get into the habit of operating on a need-to-know basis, of being slow to trust and even slower to confide. Get into the habit of taking stock of your habits and of developing them into the habits of a millionaire.

(From Mission to Millionaireship) by Randell Young